What is the Annville-Cleona Fire District?
Tue, Oct 20th, 2015 8:00:00 am -

The Annville Cleona Fire District is a cooperative agreement between the Union Hose Company of Annville and the Cleona Fire Company. These two companies still function administratively as two separate organizations; however, fire ground operations have been consolidated. Fire ground operations such as manpower, training, fire prevention, line officers and operational procedures have been fused to operationally function as one. Radio assignment numbers have been changed from 5 to 58 to reflect this cooperative agreement.
A committee is current working on the framework for a full merger or an umbrella corporation. While this proactive agreement between each department moves forward, our mission and goals have aligned to enhance the service and protection that the unified fire department provides to the community. In July of 2015 the Union Water Works Fire Company agreed to join our discussions on the future of fire services in our collective Annville-Cleona community as well as to join our weekly training.